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Hydroklone Aeroponic Cloning System
HydroKlone™ (#BPH100)
Aeroponic Cloning System
The HydroKlone™ from Brotherhood Products represents a true evolution in form and function and is designed to perform in a fashion that exceeds all other existing Aeroponic cloning systems by means of its radically different design and superior engineering.

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2 Humidity Dome Vents
Permanently open and designed to allow for moderate transpiration during the rooting process. We believe moderate transpiration encourages early root development by forcing the cuttings to search for water. This is why it is imperative to select only the healthiest cuttings as weaker cuttings will likely fail. The vents are completely removable and easily sterilized.
Hydroklone Hydroponic Cloning System
Crystal Polycarbonate Lid
Lid is constructed of Food Grade, NFS certified polycarbonate and is designed to be sterilized in a commercial dishwasher between cloning cycles. Clicks in place.
Colored Neoprene Cloner Pucks
Made in the USA from high-grade neoprene; these pucks are designed for years of use and are brightly colored for easy cutting identification.
Interchangeable Grow Tray
The Hydroklone is designed to accept an array of different grow trays. Each grow tray is easilly removed and is constructed from opaque black ABS plastic. Besides being incredibably easy to load and unload, it has the added benefit of blocking light from reaching the nutirent solution in the reservoir tote. Each Hydroklone comes equipped with a clone grow tray that accepts 54 cloner pucks.
Crystal Polycarbonate Nursery Tote
Has an openning to accept different growth inserts, it nests perfectly into the black reservoir ensuring a snug seal and preventing solution from escaping. The crystal tote and it’s lid can be removed as a single unit for easy inspection of your cuttings. This design allows you to check on the progress of your clones in a minimally invasive fashion. The crystal polycarbonate nursery tote is also constructed of Food Grade, NFS certified polycarbonate and is designed to be sterilized in a commercial dishwasher between cloning cycles.
Aeroklone™ Manifold
Each Hydroklone™ unit comes equipped with an Aeroklone™ Manifold which can be purchased separately as an upgrade for other cloning units on the market. View our Aeroklone™ web page to see all of the details and benefits.
Black Polycarbonate Reservoir Tote
Designed to hold dilute cloning solution and house the manifold, the black reservoir tote also supports the upper crystal nursery tote and is machined with two holes. One hole is lined with a seal through which the inlet stub is passed while the other hole is occupied by a bulkhead fitting that serves as a return/inlet for the remote water pump. The black polycarbonate reservoir tote is constructed of Food Grade, NFS certified polycarbonate as well and is designed to be sterilized in a commercial dishwasher between cloning cycles
Pump Assembly
Includes an over-powered 590 GPH external pump. Built to last.
Lower Molded Base
Designed with the primary function of providing a remote location for the pump, the black molded base has three cord/hose outlets and functions as emergency containment basin in the event of a leak. It also has a slightly wider footprint than the reservoir tote providing a very stable base for the entire unit. By locating the pump beneath the reservoir and by providing three large outlets for warm air to escape we are able to dramatically decrease the thermal influence of he pump on the internal reservoir temperature.

Physical Properties:


Height: 23.25"
Length: 26.00"
Width: 18.00"

Nursery Tote - Polycarbonate
Nursery Tote Lid - Polycarbonate
Reservoir Tote - Polycarbonate
Aeroklone™ Manifold - ABS
Lower Molded Base - ABS
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